3 prominent crypto celebrities comment on the war

This early morning Russian the president Vladimir Putin declared a war on Ukraine in real time on the television on national channels. Putin claimed that the move was required in order to “defend” those Russians who reside in Ukraine. The move effectively shattered Bitcoin.

Below is what three prominent crypto-related personalities had to say.

Buterin: Ethereum is neutral But I’m not.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin condemned the decision on Twitter in his own native Russian in Russian.

I am extremely upset over Putin’s decision to refuse the possibility of a peaceable solution to the dispute between Russia and Ukraine and to go to conflict instead. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an act of treason that is a crime against both the Ukrainian as well as the Russian citizens.

SBF Don’t forget to do something nice for somebody

Sam Bankman Fried, head of cryptocurrency exchange FTX was also on Twitter. He wasn’t as succinct than Buterin who offered an Bitcoin price forecast in the context of conflicts:

Over the past 24 hours of the week, the S&P500 has dropped around 4 percent, while BTC is at a loss of around 88%. There are two kinds of people around the globe that are fundamental investors as well as algorithm enthusiasts. Fundamental investors analyze the market and don’t know about the direction in which BTC/USD will move.

Algorithm users look up the information. What’s the historical trend? In the past year, we’ve seen an extremely high correlation between the two. It’s due to the policy of monetary policies: changes in the expectation of inflation, and changes in interest rates USD as well as other currencies that are fiat.

The algorithms analyze the dataand then make decisions on the basis of that data: BTC should be 80 percent correlated with the S&P500 and have an alpha of 4. (i.e. If the S&P500 is moving 1%, BTC moves 4 %).

Then war happens.

Fundamental investors have a neutral view. algorithmic investors expect to see that the S&P500 fall 4percent, so anticipate BTC to fall 4*4%=16 percent based on studies from the past.

Fundamental investors buy, and algorithmic investors are selling. BTC gets caught somewhere in the middle, down about by 8% over the course of the day. This is half of the 16% algorithmic investors forecast. After that, the model is updated, BTC fell less than the four times they forecast-and the cycle is set to begin.

Then he switches gears:

The real issue is the liquidity. If you’re averse to risk or perhaps selling everything that you’re holding right now as you never know what might take place. The markets are very liquid today-who’s purchasing risky securities?

He acknowledges that he doesn’t have an concept of what is to come next He concludes that

Make a gesture of kindness for someone. It could be helpful to the world at this moment.

Nick Schteringard: This guy is off his rocker.

Russian cryptocurrency news sites that have staff members located in Ukraine are feeling the effects. Nick Schteringard, chief editor of the Russian-language crypto news website ForkLog stated that the lives of a number of key employees were in danger. He was uncompromising:

It’s clear this guy [Putin] has gone in a coma and needs to be put down.

Schteringard added, perplexed:

I’m not sure what to make of those who take the platform of Twitter to write about the conflict and how it provides potential to invest in the dip. Which Bitcoin or stocks? simply wake up, you’re at war’s doorsteps!


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