Highlights February 25th: Cryptos recover, UK100 closes deep in negative

Although they started with a noticeable drop Yesterday, cryptos have shown an amazing recovery in the last 24 hours.

The London-listed companies with strong ties with Russia caused the UK100 (-2.26 percentage) to the brink of decline the other day. Investors retreated from the Anglo-Russian mining companies Polymetal International (-36.07%) and Evraz (-30.28 percent) with a vengeance, making them the worst performing index.

US markets have been able to make positive gains. The SPX500 (+1.28 percent) the The NASDAQ100 (+3.13 percent) and the DJ30 (+0.03 percentage) all rose higher.

Best cryptocurrency

Bitcoin increased by nearly 10% at the moment of writing. It was followed by six other cryptocurrency top 10 that recorded gains of 8 percent or greater. This recent increase may be due to the sanctions against Russia which were announced by US President Biden and Biden, including a restriction on the use of a number of major fiat currency.

Terra is the largest winner of the top cryptos, increasing 23% over the past 24 hours. The cryptocurrency is gaining momentum due to news that trading using the LUNA exchange that has been launched on Bittrex and Bittrex, as well as other.

The best movers

Every one of the top 100 coins is all green. Anchor Protocol is a standout with 23 percent. Fantom increased 15%, and Maker gained 19%. That reverses the sharp losses of yesterday. Gala has also gained 15 percent. Amp and Arweave have gained 18 percentage. Theta Fuel rose 14%..

Neo and Zcash have both risen about 13 percent. Zcash is close towards breaking the $100 mark. Convex Finance, yesterday’s biggest loss, has recovered 17 percent of the losses it suffered today.


A meme-like token called MetaDogecolony increased by 360% the value of its token. Simply put it is a DOGECO token DOGECO is a token that can be played to win. In the present, players are able to play the game comprising of one to thirty levels. they have released in a test version on its website.

Lucky Block is pushing for an international, blockchain-based lottery system. The company’s token LBLOCK has added over 1/3 of its worth over the past 24 hours.

Fantom has been pushing the value of BOO higher. BOO is the token of origin of SpookySwap the automated market making DEX, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is part of Fantom Opera. Fantom Opera network.

The market is currently soaring, and has seen gains of 31% within the last 24 hours. Customers can now supply liquidity to the Fantom-Revault trading pairs through the DEX.


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