NFT projects are thriving even when OpenSea trading volume suffers

Despite numerous attempts at frauds and vampire attacks, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) remain in an impressive run with OpenSea and the amount of transactions and users growing. But there is a problem with the NFT market’s overall size is falling short of that of last month’s close to 3 billion.

There are NFT initiatives preparing to launch on in the second market the entire sector overall, is still navigating the next steps in the direction of functionality and the incorporation of NFTs into the metaverse. In addition, global political uncertainties have an impact on the markets.

Ether ( ETH) prices have dropped by almost 16% over the past seven days. Considering that the majority of NFT projects run located on Ethereum, the Ethereum networks, NFT collectors tend to not be frightened, and are looking to purchase NFTs with a low price. To be able to afford the price of an NFT assortment, Azuki made a considerable impression in the past 30 days in the last 30 days, accumulating more than an 80,000 Ether ($209,100,216) as well as has removed blue-chip collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) as well as Crypto Punks from their top positions. In the same way, Invisible Friends’ launch on February. 23 has already generated more than $23.1 million and has a floor rate that is 8.95 Ether ($22,010.74)

Azuki 30-day average price / volume. Source:


Not just the newest entry-levels that are rotating their collections from the highest positions in terms of quantity, but older collections rebound as the marketplace is able to sort out the rocky conditions.

This is the current state of the NFT market at the last quarter of the year.

3Landers NFT

Inspiring people with its sluggish but charming appeal, and its resemblance to Doodles meet The Simpsons, 3Landers slides into the first position for volume total with more than 11,000 Ether ($28,666,000) after it hit the secondary market Feb.19.

3Landers all-time average price / volume. Source:


3Landers Average sale price is up 63% over the past 7 days. 3Landers is among the few companies whose prices continue to rise post-show, currently at 1.55 Ether ($4.056.35.)

Created using the Ethereum blockchain, 3Landers describes itself as an “…NFT project focused on sharing, community and adventure.” Maybe it’s that optimism collectors require due to recent developments.

3Landers is a project that is centered around the community. 3Landers is relying on the skills, dedications and a sense of community to guide the direction it can expand.

Although certain NFT initiatives are community-focused in value sharing, other projects are exploring new frontiers in building new digital sovereign states.

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is built with the metaverse in mind , and the metaverse at its heart. Every one of the 10,000 NFT Worlds is explorable and distinctive with the capability to develop upon. It also boasts that it is fully compatible with Sandbox, the game that is Minecraft.

NFT Worlds saw a boost in its growth over the past seven days and reached a value of almost 18 Ether.

NFT Worlds 7-day floor price. Source:

NFT Price Floor

For the last 30 days, NFT Worlds has generated more than $42.3 million in revenue which is about half of the amount from the previous seven days, which is $21.3 million.

NFT Worlds 7-day average price / volume. Source:


NFT Worlds seems to attract Web3 users and developers, who offer the decentralization of APIs and decentralization. Since it is a digital world with the price of entry NFT Worlds is integrating a rental system in the coming months which allows its owners to rent their worlds to others in exchange to pay a monthly charge of the in-game currency WRLD.

Running in the Polygon network WRLD will offer rewards faucets for those who fulfill the requirements and wish to implement an earn-to-play (P2E) game that uses the token.

The market is in favor of open source and interoperable capabilities as being a good investment for what is to come in the metaverse.


The name was invented by Sartoshi Mfers, which is a reference to the obscure Satoshi Nakomoto Mfers made its way up to third place in the total volume. With a rise of 66% over the past seven months, Mfers floor prices topped 5.84 Ether ($15,330).

Mfers 7 day average price / volume. Source:


The right-handed, slouching stick Mfers were inspired by memes and designed. The concept behind the Mfers appears to have brought about a shift in the market in that the average sales price rose by 43% in an interval of 7 days.

In the totality of 10,000 Mfers within the collection, there are about 5,100 individual holders. Presently, with a price of 4. Ether ($10,950.08) The value of the floor has risen almost 81% in the past seven days.

Investors can be proud of their investment, as it will give their creative liberty because Mfers have creative commons with zero (CC0) which means that there are there are no reserved rights, and their owners are able to develop upon these rights. Owners of CryptoPunk have faced numerous problems regarding the IP rights. (IP) rights. That is the reason why many see Mfers evidence-of-profile (PFP) as an image for the new culture.

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Tubby Cats

In the realm of culture, a different cat breed is making its way into the market. Tubby Cats has entered space and reiterated the passion humans have for cats. Tubby Cats is a product of the Tubby collective includes a group of over 20,000 cats that are anime-inspired.

After its launch in February. 21st, 2021 the collection already has more than 9,000 holders, and has produced more than $20.7 million in amount

Tubby Cats all-time average price and volume. Source:


Tubby Cats is not a entirely random collection. rather, each cat comes from different themed palettes upon which the rarity of the collection is built.

The Tubby Cat collection seems to get the attention and affection of Crypto Twitter’s influencers, as Tubby Cat has made its up to the 4th place in sales volume.

Though it’s still a long way to progress before attaining Cool Cats status, Tubby Cats has already made impressions with fans of different projects. Tubby Cats may be the latest feline-inspired venture that has pampered its way into the world of art However, it’s certainly not the only one.

CatBlox Genesis Collection

The collection may have fought its way to the top five spots however, the CatBlox Genesis collection is 10,000 cute and pudgy kittens living within the same place as CatBlox. The collection was launched on February. 17th There are now five hundred unique owners of 10,000, and the median cost of selling has increased almost 50% in the past seven days.

CatBlox 7-day average price and volume. Source:


CatBlox has recently made public its collaboration with the brands of athletic footwear, Puma to further itself in its wellness and health initiatives on its plan of action. Although it’s not clear exactly what the collaboration with Puma is about, Puma is gearing itself to compete on Web3. Puma has altered its domain name on Twitter to be a reflection of “Puma.eth.” Evidently, the cat-themed brand has purchased several cat-like designs, such as CoolCats, Lazy Lions and Gutter Cat Gang.

Recognizing the importance of a strong collaborative effort, CatBlox collection uniquely factors into distinct functions with every collaboration.

In addition to generating over $15.1 million in volume up to now, CatBlox is making an impact by revealing its secretive plans as well as its latest announcement.

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