This is why NFTs equipped with AI could represent the ultimate gateway into the metaverse.

The nonfungible tokens (NFTs) were mainly purchased as proof-of-profile images (PFPs) which are used to are a symbol of a brand, reflect the culture, or eventually reflect on a status symbol that is static. The blue-chip NFTs such as that of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cool Cats were not originally supported by any real-world utility aside from speculation and speculation, as well as promises of an informative plan of action, however by 2022, investors will be searching for “more.”

Nonfungible tokens, however, have been able to be used beyond the realm of status and branding in an attempt to establish their own existence in the Metaverse and some even have enough ambition to begin their journey within it.

The Altered State Machine (ASM) Artificial Intelligence Football Association (AIFA) is introducing an innovative concept for NFTs known as nonfungible intelligence, also known as NFI. Through the tokenization of artificial intelligence, AIFA has rebranded itself as a non-fungible intelligence. ASM AIFA has captured the interest of investors looking ahead to the long-term future of the metaverse and uncentralized play-to-earn (P2E) economies.

Through fusing AI functions with three lucrative market segments that include gaming, decentralized financial (DeFi) and non-financial transactions ASM AIFA ASM AIFA has the potential to become a profitable long-term investment.

For me as investors, I’ve used these as methods I’ve considered while considering making a bet on AIFA. ASM AIFA and considering the imminent tokenomics which are expected to be integrated into the emerging blockchain-based P2E game.

You can follow the linear route through the Genesis boxes you can purchase

ASM AIFA genesis box collection ASM AIFA genesis box collection is basically a expansion pack to its existing ASM AIFA ecosystem. The box contains 4 ASM AI agents, also known as all-stars and an ASM brain. It is the brain that runs every ASM all-star.

The current value is 5.369 Ether ( ETH) ($16,768.84), this box can be a good investment for those with an enduring belief regarding the ASTO economy as well as its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) as well as in the Metaverse overall.

Because that the ASM AIFA intends to award early adopters as well as players with its pay-and-earn model and the genesis box mostly a ASTO generator set-up.

As per the ASM AIFA whitepaper, each brain is able to extract ASTO and every All-Star will be able to create ASTO by the process of training. In addition, ASTO the token used for utility in the Altered State Machine metaverse, but also it’s the one that governs the ASM ecosystem.

In addition, the brains will not restricted to only AIFA, but also to the ASM AIFA collection. They’ll be incorporated in other important NFT projects , such as FLUFF World NFT, making them interoperable too.

ASTO tokens are used for training the AI stars as well as to develop further AI agents. AI agents don’t have only to play soccer on the field, their ASM brain is able to be programmed to become an automated trading system as it relies on learning memories.

The initiative was officially launched on Oct. 18th, 2021 and has since entered the second market, ASM AIFA genesis boxes have been up by over 1200 percent, which suggests the market is growing in interest, and the owners have recognized the benefits of AI.

ASM AIFA all-time average price / volume. Source:


For the last 7 days, the median sale cost of the boxes has seen a decline decreasing between 6.3 ETH to 5.3 ETH. The data suggests that even after slight adjustments the boxes from genesis aren’t dipping below 4.75 Ethereum mark in the past month.

ASM AIFA 30-day average price / volume. Source:


Based on the cost points of the products that are in the genesis box the cost of the floor for ASM all-stars costs 0.21 Ether ($654.37) with the team comprising four players, which is approximately $2,617.48. The least expensive ASM brain can be found for 3.92 Ether ($12,214.96) bringing the total value of contents of the box to $14,832.44 which is 4.77 Ether.

At these price, buying a Genesis box will cost about what you would pay for buying the components separately. But, both ASM brains as well as the all-stars have seen price changes that previously have made the box less expensive instead of purchasing each item in separate purchases.

According to the motives of an investor and strategies, they may choose other strategies to get part from ASM’s metaverse. ASM metaverse.

Genesis brains also will mine ASTO

ASM AIFA genesis brains are unique artificial intelligence-equipped NFTs and the architecture of the brain is currently under patent pending where owners will have full rights to the machine-learning (ML) model of their NFI.

It adds an additional value to the ASM economy. Another distinct feature is that ASM brains don’t always require a physical format (avatar) and may be functional and operate within the characteristics of its learned memories.

ASM AIFA genesis brains. Source: ASM AIFA

Its ASM brain is the largest and most expensive component of the collection . It is also able to generate ASTO tokens. As a result the investor could return their initial capital expenditure through its token emissions. At present, the most affordable ASM brain costs 3.92 Ether ($12,214.96,) an increase of 300% of the floor price within the last 60 days.

ASM AIFA genesis brain daily floor price. Source:

NFT Price Floor

The ASM brains have value mostly because of their genome matrix , whose characteristics permit the brain to function into other environments outside the ASM ecosystem. This means that the brain could be utilized in different environments.

As per the ASM plan, every ASM Genesis brain will be scheduled to be a candidate for the ASTO token to drop. Investors looking to gain an exposure through AI might want to consider buying ASTO as a financially viable option.

Do you pile ASTO?

There’s no doubt it that ASM AIFA is a good idea. ASM AIFA project is not the most affordable entry point into the AIFA ecosystem. However, for investors very interested in the new capabilities of NFIs, investors can think about investing in this token, or AI the all-star agent.

ASTO is the currency native to ASTO that governs activity within the ASM ecosystem. As it’s required for training the ASM brain as well as every AI agent that is involved, it will create an economic system of gym owners who supply GPU cloud computing for each model of ML. For their energy and time they will receive a reward in ASTO.

If the ASTO token is launched it will be launched by ASM will launch the token. ASM team will hold an auction in order to establish the value of ASTO through a new technique they’ve dubbed “discovery auction.” ASTO will also be distributed to the holders of ASM all-stars, and ASTO is able to be used to help mine the future generation of minds in the ASM ecosystem. To prepare for AIFA’s launch this year, it is possible that the ASTO token may be an attractive option to accumulate.

While NFTs find ways to demonstrate their value in the absence of speculation, and as how they could be used into the Metaverse is growing, the they are now building by constructing from within. We’ll see in the coming months the moment when we will discover more and more projects that include AI functions, but ASM AIFA seems to be the top choice as one of the initial developers to take the initiative.

The opinions and views that are expressed in this article are the sole opinions of the writer and are not necessarily those of Any investment or trade has risk. You should do your own investigation prior to making your decision.


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